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[Booking rushing !!] Festival including 50 kinds of sake and drinks all you can drink ★ Fisherman's shell bath and upper sushi course All 8 items 6000 yen → 4500 yen

[Booking rushing !!] Festival including 50 kinds of sake and drinks all you can drink ★ Fisherman's shell bath and upper sushi course All 8 items 6000 yen → 4500 yen

By using a coupon4500 yen

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  • All-you-can-drink available
    120 minutes All you can drink (LO: 30 minutes ago)

Medium also praised extensively ☆ Newly satisfied course with "Kaizukura" of the rush of TV interview newly appeared.Pots that used plenty of daily shellfish are delicious hot pot with condensed umami! Other menu is fisherman 's dish using fresh fish and seasonal ingredients! As well as Japanese sake banquet, various scenes such as girls' association and anniversary False use on (! ^)!

Course menu

Main dish ◆

Fisherman's shell bar

It is a fisherman 's dish which eats shellfish with soup stock.A lot of daily shellfish such as clams, scallop · honbinos etc. which are sent directly from Ise Shima, Chita, Mikawa ★

Shell soup relieved from the bottom of the stomach is a must have value ♪

★ With a ramen extra with a shellbath at the time of death ★


◆ Tamagotchi of sashimi

A lot of different kinds of assorted little by little

◆ 3 kinds of seasonal appetizers

(Cream cheese pickled in soy sauce, smoked potato salad with troutaba, turtle cup)

◆ Fresh fish's kettobo grilled arrival today

◆ Tempura of spring spring vegetables

◆ Handfully grasping sushi, miso soup

Middle gray · white · raw salmon · arround sweet shrimp · how much

◆ Sherbet of the season of the month

◆ Japanese sake <Sommelier of sake! 50 kinds carefully selected by a professional sake brewer!>

Melody Momogawa Rice wine from Kikusui Shirao Kin Tiger pure rice Snow in Ryuuzuyin Ichinomiya Shirataki Kitauma Manzan

Mr. Sawano Inoue Takasui Sako no kuni warrior kingdom crest urasa three thousand sengi horai jun rice ginjyo makeup

Kusugami Namenizu Kosui Masaki Wakusei Hoshi Izumi South beauty Yoshino River Ginza Tengu dance thought

Horai Izumi Masumi Amagi Ginryu Hisanami Jyunai Enya Ena Mount Oku Hida Silver Mark Ridicule Honorable Youth Yoshi's honor

Northern honor northernmost honor Noriko Tateyama Dewa Sakura Osakaya Nagase Minoru 36 people

Festival (1 a day only) ets ,,,,,

of course!

Draft beer, shochu, high ball, soft drink ♪

※ The contents of the dish may vary depending on the season and purchase situation.

※ Depending on the season and the weather, production areas may be different.


It is also possible to change to "special selection of drinks" at + 500 yen ♪

Shochu, cocktail, wine, fruit wine, etc.

There are over 30 kinds of items to choose!


All-you-can-drink menu

· Express delivery raw! Sapporo black label
· Dewars
· Original High Ball
· High Ball Ginju High Ball Hustle High Ball Oyuko Wine Highball
· Tomorrow's Lemon Sour Grapefruit Sour Lime Sour Serious Man Plum Sour Yuzu Sour Okinawa Sequercer Sour Salty Lychee Sour Oolong High Green Tea High
· Selected Dry Yoshino River [Niigata Prefecture] Hengda's moon Dry [Kyoto]
· Shochu
· Potato shochu wheat shochu (rock · water split · hot water split)
· Francia (red · white) [California]
·Fruit wine
· Ancient plum wine sake liquor
Peach tree Fizz fuzzy navel Peach oolong cassis soda cassis Orange Smirnoff lemonade Sminoff pink lemonade
·Non-alcoholic cocktails
· Mango Mojito Peach Mojito Strawberry Mojito Blueberry Mojito Ginger Mojito Mango Tea Soda Blueberry Tea Soda Reggae Punch Ginger Strawberry Calpis Mango Calpis
·Soft drink
Oolong Tea Green Tea Jasmine Tea Hot Coffee Ice Coffee Orange Juice Calpis Grapefruit Juice Cola Ginger Ale Sweet Sake Calpis Cranberry Juice Solty Lychee Soda Okinawa Seikwasa Soda Serious Man Ume Squash Yuzu Squash
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